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Welcome to PMU Mentor, the FREE international training and mentoring support group for permanent makeup artists worldwide.

Brought to you by Team Micro alongside lead mentor¬†Emma Baglee, our training and mentorship program is the next-level evolution of Emma’s MyPMUMentor program and delivered by some of the most prominent and respected artists in the industry. Our team includes internationally recognized PMU and microblading trainers, business coaches, branding experts and marketers. As a PMU Mentor member, you will benefit from weekly Zoom calls and a library of past call recordings to grow not only your technique, but your prowess as a beauty entrepreneur too.

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Access to our private Facebook support group

free zoom call with world class trainers

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Support Gap

Permanent makeup artists around the world cite a lack of post-training support, as one of the biggest issues holding their businesses back. Trainers cannot be expected to provide lifetime support, but without this many artists feel uncomfortable with their techniques, or lack the confidence needed to really thrive as artists. Furthermore, business-oriented support is either non-existent or too expensive for most artists to afford.

PMU Mentor is the answer. Our FREE mentorship program is developed with such artists in mind, with its purpose being to strengthen the industry and empower permanent makeup professionals to achieve more, and gain more fulfilment from their careers.

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  • Weekly Zoom Calls

    Get FREE access to training, mentorship and support, every week via Zoom. Join hundreds of artists and get actionable advice you can use right now.

  • Private Facebook Group

    Need to ask a question in a supportive and non-judgmental environment? Connect with PMU Mentor members and trainers privately via Facebook.

  • Exclusive Events

    Get invites to private meet-ups and sessions, both in-person and online, to build your support network further.

  • FREE Advertising

    All new members get 6 months of FREE advertising on, the world's largest micropigmentation website.



“Credible skills-based and business mentorship in a fun, friendly and professional environment, run by people who care.

PMU Mentor is exactly what the industry needs.”