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Damien Porter

Damien Porter


Damien is the world’s leading authority in permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation for marketing strategy and business development. Former Director Of Marketing at HIS Hair Clinic, Vinci Hair Clinic and Scalp Aesthetics, Damien is a serial entrepreneur with many successful and profitable companies on his CV, from industries as diverse as ecommerce, business consultancy, publishing and advertising. In 2017, Damien sold his companies to investors to focus his time on Team Micro.

Damien has grown Team Micro to 13 employees and over $1.4 million in annual revenue, serving hundreds of artists worldwide through website design, SEO and conferences, and thousands more through its online store. Now the clear market leader, Team Micro is expanding services to include social media management, mentorship and franchising.

Damien believes strongly that successful companies should make a profit, but should do so within the bounds of strong moral principles. One of his missions is to establish frameworks to recognise and spotlight gifted, ethically sound artists, whilst equipping the public with sufficient knowledge to avoid providers that are unable, or unwilling, to uphold acceptable standards.

A passionate contributor, Damien is determined to improve the permanent makeup industry in any way he can, for the benefit of both artists and clients.

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